Animal NYC

source: http://animalnewyork.com/2012/01/tiny-victorian-armchairs-in-japanese-rope-bondage

Tiny Victorian armchairs in Japanese rope bondage.

No, these aren’t chairs left behind by the world’s craftiest escape artist/sub. These are Kennedy James’ Shibari inspired Serial Bondage sculptures. Each tiny armchair is tightly, intricately bound and set or strung up inside a glass dome with a walnut base. Each kinky dome stands 6 inches tall. Think Nobuyoshi Araki of miniature furniture. Aww. 

Wait, wait, wait. Let’s make ’em full-size, add a little Kohei Yoshiyuki voyeurs in the park flavor and ta-da: “Imashime.”

Clearly, the artist knows the ropes. See the freshest miniature installed at Select Artworks from the Gallery Nine5 Collection.
Jan 14 – Feb 22, Gallery Nine5, NYC.