Art Review

source: http://www.artreview.com/profiles/blog/show?id=1474022%3ABlogPost%3A80378

Jimmy Owenns is one artist who successfully represents online a slippery multiple practice across dimensions as well as disciplines. (Owenns‘ website is immaculate, except unfortunately it doesn‘t say when his/her next exhibition is). Owenns describes him/herself as “an artist without sexual identity" - though of course that leads one to ponder nothing but. Owenns‘ fleshy work is disorientating, slick and freighted with desire and its concomitant loss. S/he has some some exquisitely delicate and menacing drawings of furniture in bondage...

...and also works with photography and video (though the photography is often the more cinematic). In Le Couple, two desperate and abject garden chairs appear to be at it for days, locked in a deathly embrace.