source: http://golem13.fr/serial-bondage-installation-series-by-kennedy-james/

Les Fauteuils Victoriens aiment le Bondage

Kennedy James (aka Jimmy Owenns) is an award-winning visual artist who does installation, drawing, video, photography and music. Born in France in 1981, she recently moved to New York where she exhibits at the gallery nine5 in New York (gallerynine5.com).

"Since 1998 I have been exploring the concept of splitting (of perception, narration and the psyche) and identity. Today, I am interested and facinated by the Japanese culture and its folklore, which has always been an inspiration for my artwork."

The installation series "Serial Bondage" showcases small armchairs (15 cm high) of Victorian style. The chairs are tied up in the ancient art of Japanese Shibari (rope bondage). Shibari is an ancient Japanese art which eroticism and aesthetics appeals to Kennedy James, who is very enthusiastic about the Japanese culture, its aesthetics and rituals. She considers herself as a child of the generation who grew up watching Japanese animation. She was fortunate to share with her parents the love for Asian culture.