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The Kings of Kickstarter XII

β€œThe contextualisation of a specific individual human life in the bigger picture of the universe.β€œ

Our solar system is a never-ending waltz of the celestial bodies.  As we sit on our small blue planet, insignificant in the vast currents of space and time, imagining your place on Earth can be difficult enough, let alone in the universe.  Enter Govy, with a clever meshing of techniques involving historical planetary placing and orbital tracing (just made both of those names up) she can reproduce the positions our planets were in on a specific date.  Whether this be your birthday or another important date in our ephemeral existence, this is a wonderful way to put yourself at the centre of the solar system and remember you occupy a small corner of this monolithic cosmic landscape, no matter how minuscule.  Available as a museum-quality poster, the image is printed on thick, archival, acid-free matte paper, bearing your name, along with the Julian Date (time variable widely used in astronomy) corresponding to your personal date – each design is truly unique and personal.  If you want to take it on the road it is also available in a t-shirt in a variety of colours and styles.  Make the final frontier your own and remind yourself that the day that is important to you coincides with a planetary dance off over 4.6 billion years old.