SpaceTime Coordinates

received the 2016 Gold A' Design Award

Celebrate an historic or personal event with a depiction of the Solar System at any point in time.

Custom made with NASA data to generate the precise position of the planets on their orbital paths
and using the four dimensions (x, y, z, t) to represent a particular moment in Space and Time.



The STC project is about celebrating humanity, its achievements and ingenuity. It helps us relate to the Solar System itself and find our own place in the universe.
And to contextualize our human history and individual lives within the bigger picture of the universe.
The goal is to put things into perspective, in taking a moment to appreciate the human condition, nature, space, life. Take a breath. Contemplate.

Our time on Earth and within the universe might well be a tiny blip on the grand scale of time and space, but we should celebrate our humanity nonetheless.
No matter how ephemeral human life is, or for that matter, our personal lives. We have the obligation to always reach for the stars; keep on exploring, learning and creating.
We have the duty to survive and prosper.